Friday, September 8, 2017 at 7:49 AM
Urgently needed Volunteer Drivers for the meal delivery to the Homebound. Your commitment - 1 hour a day, delivering meals to our Kihei Home Bound. Sign up at Hale Kau Kau or call 808-875-8754 Mahalo!
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Serving with Compassion and Aloha - Hale Kau Kau


who we are
'Hale', the Hawaiian word meaning 'house', and 'Kau Kau' (a Hawaiian pidgin word) meaning 'chow'. 

"Hale Kau Kau"

Founded by a diverse group of South Maui individuals in August of 1991, these founders decided to build upon an unnamed, but very active, meal program serving the hungry. Hale Kau Kau still continues this service today at Saint Theresa Church.

Our Mission
To alleviate hunger by providing nutritious meals to the hungry and homebound in a safe, loving, and supportive environment.

What We Do

  • Every night of the year we serve a free, hot, nutritious meal unconditionally- no questions asked- to anyone who comes to our kitchen at meal time. 
  • Every night of the year we deliver a free, hot nutritious meal to the elderly, ill, and disabled homebound clients in South Maui. 
  • In collaboration with Keolahou Hawaiian Congregational Church, we distribute weekly food baskets and emergency food supplies to families in crisis.

How Can You Help - Become a Volunteer

Every day Hale Kau Kau is supported by at least 15 volunteers. Without their help and support we could not survive. Currently to keep delivery ongoing to our more than 80 Home Bound Clients we require 35 volunteers a week, and this is still not enough. Each week we have referrals for several more people who have become ill, unable to cook for themselves, or buy food. Hale Kau Kau delivers their only hot meal each day, ensuring that they will receive a nutritous and diet compliant meal that meets their individual needs. Please consider how you can add joy to your own life through service to others and visit our Volunteer page today.



Are you looking to find purpose, meaning, or a way to leverage your impact on your community through using your time, talent, or treasure?

Hale Kau Kau offers several avenues of service, as well as annual events that you can participate in to find this fulfillment and become a Hale Kau Kau Champion.

First, discover volunteering. Bring your time and talent to the kitchen, a driving route, or the office. See what we do, and why we do it. Maybe you’ll discover a hidden calling, ability, or skill, or even some lasting friendships.

Second, Give. Every $100 dollar gift purchases approximately 200 meals. Or 150 lbs. of rice. Or 50 lbs of chicken. And innumerable smiles. Consider becoming a sustaining giver.

Third, become a Champion. Share our story with your colleagues, friends, neighbors.

Partner with us in feeding the hungry of South Maui by letting your community know how we are changing lives. Help them become Champions too!

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       Our Latest News

The Season begins on September 1

Visit our Upcoming Events page to see how you can participate and collaborate with Hale Kau Kau